About Run Marine Services

At Run Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is located at CBD BELAPUR, Navi Mumbai, which is one of the biggest hubs for seafarers and Crew manning companies in India. It has easy approachability for its visitors and seafarers.

At Run Marine Services Pvt. Ltd, we serve the best of services with right combination of productivity and safety. Company was incorporated in May 2018. Being a young company, we strive to fulfill expectation of our seafarers and Clients. Run Marine has its forte in offshore vessels.

Run Marine always believes in safety and compliance and hence it has resulted in disciplined approach towards fulfillment of requirements of client and crew.

From Management Desk:
“People are an asset for us. We are ‘The People’ and we are in to people’s business. Hence we believe in growing with the people associated with us is our true growth.”


To provide excellent support to the ship owners, seafarers and maritime world with our services, compliance, professionalism and safety.



Our Vision is to provide world class and efficient solutions by
1. Providing world class seafarers and crew manning services.
2. Creating opportunities for Indian seafarers.

Core values

1) Determination:
Determination is the firmness towards the purpose or vision.
2) Devotion:
Devotion is affection and zeal in any activity which helps us moving towards purpose and vision..
3) Dedication:
Dedication is the commitment and diligence towards tasks that leads to purpose and vision.